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The nuts-and-bolts answer? Rohde Design is a full-service graphic design and web development studio specializing in business-to-business print communications. Accurate, but not even close to describing what we can do for you…

In truth, we’re your new secret weapon…

Want a true competitive edge in your marketplace?
Ready to leave the herd behind?
Time to transform your image from uninspired to unforgettable?

At Rohde Design, we’re not satisfied just creating “pretty paper.” It needs to pull its weight. If it doesn’t deliver a return far greater than your initial investment, what’s the point?

Corporate identity. Logo design. Stationery and business cards. Brochures. Marketing kits. Direct mail pieces. Trade show graphics. Web sites. Along with anything else that needs to be designed and printed, and needs to be fabulous. And fabulously effective.

Look at our work. Not a template in sight. No cookie-cutter designs. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind – a unique expression of that company’s product, mission and message. 20-plus years of marketing, design and print experience has given us keen instincts both for design as well as understanding a client’s goals and objectives.

Need copywriting, illustration, or photography as part of your project? Through a select network of proven creative partners, we’re proud to offer you an “end-to-end” solution.

Browse the site, and see the results we’ve designed for companies just like yours. Then give us a call to set up a no-charge consultation.


From first concept to final completion…

Every project we undertake at Rohde Design begins with in-depth study of your products and/or services, your competition, along with the industry or market you serve (see “Our Process”). We’ll help clarify and focus your marketing objectives, your company’s unique strengths and advantages, and discuss how best to manage and execute the various project details, including schedule, budget, and overall expectations. Once on track, we’re off to work, and with little or no direction. The end result? We both stay focused on what we each do best.

BENEFIT: We’re a full-service studio, offering concept, design and printing services. Once you approved the project and it’s passed on to the printer, we’ll continue to stay “hands-on” as necessary, overseeing and coordinating various aspects of your account – both pre-press and on-press.

You’re in capable, professionally proven hands from start to finish.


Three-plus decades of experience in all aspects of design-driven marketing has given us a sixth sense when it comes to quantifying our clients’ circumstances and objectives. The exceptional marketing results we design for our clients happen through specific steps that answer the key questions…

Who is your ideal customer? We’ll help you define your target market through both research and the subsequent interpretation of the data we collect.

Where is your target market? We’ll determine where to find your customers in the greatest concentration.

What exactly is it that you’re selling and why should your customer buy from you? We’ll define and refine your “offer” in order to make your marketing message as clear as possible.

How should your offer be marketed? We’ll recommend the best mediums to maximize the reach of your product and/or service.

Is there an ideal time to kick off a marketing campaign? We’ll make sure we maximize the impact by capitalizing on prime seasons, industry conventions, or any other time-sensitive considerations.


With all the relevant data factored into the design process, we’ll get to work creating a potent synergy of concepts, copy and design: the right campaign with the right message for the right audience in the right place and at the right time.